Inspired by a recent experience I had with someone stealing my art and cropping out my URL.
Dedicated to every artist who has had their art work stolen.



How dog breeders have “improved” breeds over the past 100 years. 

  1. The basset hound never used to sit so low. The dog has suffered changes to his rear leg structure, has excessive skin, vertebrae problems, droopy eyes that are prone to ectropion and entropion, and excessively large ears. 
  2. The bull terrier used to be an athletic dog, but over the years his snout was mutated to be oversized and bending downwards, leading to respiratory issues. Many bull terriers have supernumerary teeth and are compulsive tail chasers and air biters owing to brain deformities. 
  3. The boxer now has a much shorter face with an extremely short snout. The hindquarters are also lower. Like all brachycephalic dogs, the boxer has difficulty controlling his temperature in hot weather, meaning they are prone to overheating and collapsing in the summer. The boxer also has one of the highest cancer rates among dog breeds and many modern day boxers suffer from seizures. 
  4. The english bulldog has evolved into a creature that suffers from almost every known disease. A kennel club survey conducted in 2004 found that they die on average at only 6 years and 4 months old. They cannot mate without human intervention, and cannot give birth naturally due to their giant heads. There is no such thing as a truly healthy bulldog. 
  5. The dachshund, at one time, used to have functional legs and necks for their size. Their backs and legs have gotten longer, chest jutted forward, and legs have shrunk to such proportions that there is barely any clearance between their chest and the floor. Obese dachshunds usually have to actually drag their bellies across the ground. Their risk for intervertebral disc disease - which can result in paralysis - is extremely high. They are also prone to achrondoplastic related pathologies, progressive retinal apathy, and problems with their legs and joints. 
  6. Pugs are the most inbred breed of dog in existence - an investigation carried out found that amongst the 10,000 pugs found in the UK are so inbred, the gene pool consists of the equivalent of only 50 individuals.  They are extremely brachycephalic, and suffer severely from all the associated problems - the folds in their face frequently get infected, they struggle to breathe (making snoring/snorting/huffing noises even without moving), they have high blood pressure, low oxygenation, often collapse and die in the summer or if allowed to overheat, dentition problems due to their skulls being so curled in, and perhaps most shocking - their double curled tail is actually a genetic defect, and in its most serious forms leads to paralysis and many dogs needed a wheelchair or being euthanised if this progresses. These dogs are usually culled if they fail to produce this ‘attractive’ trait. 

Healthy puppies that do not succumb to these ridiculous modern day breed standards are usually culled. One very heartbreaking example is the rhodesian ridgeback. The ridge is actually a genetic deformity - a mild form of spinal bifida - and puppies born without this ridge are healthy - but since the ridge is their namesake, healthy puppies are normally culled at birth and only those with noticeable ridges are bred from, thus passing the disability down to future dogs. Below is a ridgeback alongside a healthy, ridgeless dog.

3 to 4 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full…. people are choosing to buy from breeders or shops instead of offering them a home. 

Homeless animals outnumber homeless people by 5:1. 

Only 1 in 10 dogs will ever find a permanent home. 


Please consider adopting a homeless dog. Please don’t encourage breeding these animals when there are so many being killed every year. Breeding is a profit, not “just” a hobby, and even if you think your breeder is reputable, they are still churning out puppies into a world where pets are seen as disposable. 

This post is EXTREMELY important and I want all of you to read it.

NEVER buy a dog. Adoption should be your only option.

Reblogging for relevancy to strong personal feelings on this very topic. Someone else was kind enough to take the time to eloquently sum up the reasons why purebreeding is such a horrific practice.

Life/work update, plans moving forward


As a reminder, I’ve been working on moving to a new place for the last month or so. This has taken up a major chunk of my available work time, as I’ve been helping get the place ready to accommodate roommates. This means painting rooms, organizing piles of chaos, helping move old junk out of the house, helping sort through stuff to keep or junk, and what ever else I can make myself useful for.

The person we’ve moved in with (a good friend, Julie, not of the fandom but supportive of my work) owns a house and never really intended to keep roommates. So she’s had a lot of clutter build up and stuff that she’s been reluctant to sort through, because it’s been just her house so no big deal. She recently changed her mind, and in order to be capable of accommodating roommates at all, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been needing to get worked on and cleaned up. Making that happen sooner than later means she needs help. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

This has also been in addition to my own time requirements for moving in general. Packing, sorting, unpacking, re-organizing..
So I apologize that things have once again been delayed and continue to be delayed while I continue to get this other stuff done. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I do have every intention of completing all of my queue and backlog. At this point I can’t say exactly when, but it is still a priority. If anyone is ever tired of waiting, please contact me and I can sort out a refund.

The long term plan is to stay here for a few years. This should be enough time to catch up on my work (having to move twice more in the 2 years since I moved to MA the first time has been really counterproductive for this) catch up on income, be able to save a significant chunk of cash, and maybe eventually find our own place. With any luck I’ll even find time to spend on some guilt-free living too, instead of just a constant flow of work.

New work/Streaming
Any new work I take on is for income to keep up with my bills and life expenses. That said, I’m not taking any new work that I would have to put into an extended queue.
Now that I live in a place with a really nice internet connection, I can stream on a whim any time I need income. These are commissions that I can take on and finish in the same day. Smaller projects only.
I will absolutely Not be taking on larger new commissions until I’ve cleared my queue and backlog.

Streaming Schedule
At this time, my streaming schedule is completely random. While I’m still getting things moved in and helping get the house in order, I can’t commit to a set schedule yet. As soon as everything is in place and life resumes some sense of normalcy, I can sit down and figure out a definite schedule to work with.

Old work
The queue and backlog will be worked on when I’m not pressed for income needs. It may be a little bit longer yet before I can get back to evenly distributing my time for new work vs old work, as I’ve had to burn up a LOT of my available time for the whole business of moving to a new place, and thus have run myself dangerously low on funds. So I need to spend a significant amount of time recovering financially before I can spend more time on old work instead of new work. But I do have every intention of completing those. Again, for anyone tired of waiting, please feel free to contact me and I can sort out a refund.

Thanks for your patience and continuing to put up with me while I sort through this chaos known as my life ♥

Life/Work Update: MOVED!

So we’re mostly moved in at the new place! (“we” being my fiance, one of my best friends who just moved out here from WA, and myself)
It’s been a trickling-in process instead of one big moving day, so we could get set up and I could get back on my feet running my work and income sooner than later.
The house still isn’t 100% ready to accommodate roommates, but it couldn’t be put off any longer so we’re just making due til things settle down and we can get the rest of our stuff over here. The majority of our things are still at the farm, but the computers, beds, clothes, and other more important items are already here.

Getting ready to move in here has been taking up every little bit of my available time for the last 2-3 weeks, so I apologize for the lack of art progress and updates x_x I’m really REALLY hoping that this will be the last major hiccup in my ability to focus on my work and I can start making some real progress again very soon.

And as of today we have rockin’ awesome internet! The Comcast guy just left (yeah yeah, Comcast Bad, I get it… but it’s still better than data-limited or no internet :T )
It should be enough that everyone else can run their games or whatever they want to do, and I can stream art on a whim at the same time and it won’t bog down anyone else’s internet connections.
(for anyone just catching up, I’ve been living on a 3gb limit for the last year while living at a farm house. This is kind of a big deal x_x)

As to WHERE we’ve moved, we now live with my friend who had been letting me come over to steal her internet access on a regular basis, when I was running streaming shows earlier this year :D
It’s a nice little house in the middle of town, everything within walking distance.. it’ll also be nice living in a place that I can have friends over and not feel embarrassed about the condition of the house :s
The farm is in a beautiful location and all, but the inside of the house is.. well. For someone who grew up in a pristine house (my mother was/is a stay-at-home sort, has no hobbies, doesn’t even know how to drive, so she had a lot of free time to burn in the house >_>) the condition of the farmhouse is quite unsavory to say the least.
I do not fault the owners for this, to be clear. They’re lovely wonderful people and I’m grateful for their hospitality! They work outside all day, damned if they’re gonna come inside and keep it looking nice when they’re burnt out and hardly spend time indoors anyway.
But if I ever thought about having friends visit.. it was an uncomfortable thought, as it’s been deeply ingrained in me (with some exceptions) the condition of one’s home is a reflection of their personality.

ANYWAY! So we’re still in the middle of getting things packed up from the farm and everything in place. It will be an ongoing process for probably another week or 2.

As I’m able to for the foreseeable future, I’ll be running streaming commissions to catch up on some sorely needed income. Those will be run first-come first-serve.

I can’t yet offer a schedule for when I’ll be running those, since I’m still also juggling time for the packing yet to be done, moving everything, unpacking and settling in.

Eventually I’ll likely end up running a full week of streaming days, then a week of queue/backlog work, and go back and forth like that indefinitely. Depends on what kind of income I can get from a week at a time, will have to see how it goes.

I will NOT be opening for big commissions any time soon. I’ll only be taking on smaller things I can start and finish in the same sitting, taking a few of those on any given day, just like before.
I won’t be building a queue of additional new work until my existing queue and backlog have been cleared.

Current state of work plans moving forward

So.. that tax return I was previously counting on ( to borrow and buy time to clear out my backlog, isn’t going to happen at this rate.

Turns out our friend who helped us prepare our tax documents took some creative liberties with his last name and added a letter where there wasn’t one (granted between the 3 of us, ONE of us could have noticed before it was sent on), so now the records don’t match perfectly and the return was sent to a different part of the IRS for error processing.

It will be another month-month and a half before we *might* even see it. By then, I won’t have enough time to use that $ to clear my backlog AND THEN immediately financially prepare to move right away. There’s just not enough time between when we might get it back, and when we need to be out. So we need to keep it available to help with moving expenses at that point instead.

So… yeah. There’s that.

I’m also no longer set up at my friend’s place using her internet. It was becoming too much hassle with the over all amount of time lost and expense for gas with the constant back and forth.

So I’m back at home, where internet access is significantly restricted because no one is interested in offering affordable unlimited solutions to people who live rurally -_-

Instead of streaming for income for the immediate future, I’ll be offering other things like the pay-what-you-want commissions, YCH auctions, and probably some random real media auctions in the nearish future.

As far as my plans at this point for tackling the backlog… I just don’t even know. I’m still plucking away at it as I’m able to, but figuring out ways to buy myself the bulk amount of time to just plow through it remains at the forefront of my thoughts. I will find a way through this.

In the meantime.. still just doing my best to survive. AC seems to be hogging most of the paying customers so it’s been a tight month. I’m falling behind on bills and expenses for the first time and just.. trying very hard to keep on keeping on. It’s all I can do. Failure is not an option.


PWYW commissions are still open, more info here if interested:

Work & Life updates: Backlog, commissions, schedule, moving, cons

Some big changes coming up soon!

(Since I’m sure there are some who may not be aware of my situation with my ever-present backlog, I have more information about that over here if you’re curious:

My fiance is getting a pretty decent tax return, of which he is letting me borrow indefinitely in order to buy myself a decent chunk of time to focus exclusively on my backlog commissions.

The amount coming back should cover about a month, month and a half. Which should just about be enough time to clear out most, if not all, of the backlog.

So there’s finally a real light at the end of that tunnel!

When his return comes in (dunno when, we filed late) I’ll be packing up my rig and heading home with everything. Back to the land of Limited Internet, but at least then I won’t be wasting so much time between all the back and forth currently involved in how I manage to keep a steady income. 

In the meantime until that comes in, I’ll still be alternating days of working on queue commissions vs days of streaming new work.


My general schedule is also a little different these days. 

Due to the hassles of the constant back and forth, gas expense, and time expense, I’ve changed up what days I do what things on. The changes also have a lot to do with personal health concerns for sitting working on art for 10-12 hours a day (complications have been slowly creeping in), and my personal mental stability for spending so much time away from home, my fiance, and my kitty cat who only loves to be loved. I’ve been feeling very down and out of sorts lately, and having just spent a few extra days around home I’m now feeling back to better spirits. 

You can view my calendar schedule here:

It will detail what I have planned on any given day.

To keep up with what I’m working on at any moment, if there’s any sudden changes, or to find out what’s in progress, I try to keep my work-only twitter feed updated with that kind of information:

General schedule:

Mondays: (at home) Chores, errands, & misc art (sticking around home for the most part. Will work on PWYW commissions or sketches for queue/backlog commissions with older laptop, or other art things for income)

Tuesdays: (at friend’s place w/ internet) Queue Commissions (backlog or recent)

Wednesdays: (at friend’s place w/ internet) Streaming Commissions (new work either fresh for that day, or picked from recent PWYW queue)

Thursdays: (at home) Chores, errands, & misc art 

Fridays: (at friend’s place w/ internet) Streaming Commissions

Saturdays: (at friend’s place w/ internet) Queue Commissions 

Sundays: (at friend’s place w/ internet) Streaming Commissions

Fridays through Sundays I’ll generally be staying/sleeping over at my friend’s place where I’m set up to work with her internet, without going home between work days like I do during the rest of the week.

This schedule is subject to change depending on what else comes up, but for the most part for the immediate future, this is what’s planned. 


It has recently come to our attention that we will need to think about moving again sooner than later. October is the deadline. 

Where we currently live, the family who owns the farm property has a son in the military who will be returning in October. So it’s best (for many reasons, none of it needs to be discussed) that we relocate by then.

There’s certainly no hard feelings, to be clear. We’ve loved living at the farm and they’ve loved having us here! But these things happen, and I understand and don’t begrudge them.

Unfortunately this cuts down my available time to get on top of other goals I had hoped for before having to move yet again. But at least with the help of my fiance, I’ll be able to plow through the one major one of clearing the backlog before moving. 

I suppose the up side to having to move is that now we have time to seek out a place to live in an area that actually has proper internet access. That alone will solve a lot of my current problems. 



As a direct result of the moving deadline, there is absolutely no way that I can manage to all of clear my backlog, prepare to move, and prepare for a convention and 2 week vacation across the country in the Fall. Unfortunately this means I’ve had to cancel my RF plans. 

I feel like total scum for having to cancel a visit out to my friends and family in WA 2 years in a row now -_- I’m hoping NEXT year I’ll finally be in a stable place where I can actually make major plans and manage to KEEP them. (it’s always “next year”… it has to be true eventually tho, right? :T )

FA: United

This one I’ll still be able to make it to, since it’s a short drive away. I’ll be dealing there, so drop by, say hello, buy my useless junk and fund my drawing addiction!


SO YEAH. Lots of stuff going on, but as ever I’m doing the best I can to keep up with everything. Soon I’ll be past all this and hopefully I can settle into a somewhat less chaotic existence.





I don’t like sports, but the Bearcats are my new favorite team.

This guy is perfect.


HA Bearcats go Cinci go!

Current work plans ~ Streaming, queue, & backlog

After taking it somewhat easier for the last few days, the persistent twitch in my eye seems to have finally faded for the most part. It still twinges every so often, but it’s not the constant that it was a few days ago. So I think I’ll be able to get back to the full swing of my work at this point.

*Please note that the days listed as planned are subject to change, depending on what else is going on in my life at any given time. I may have to skip a few days here and there, or rearrange what I do on what days. The plan as described is “for the most part” and what I’d ideally like to stick to if at all possible. 

General Work Status

As a reminder, I’m currently set up with my main rig at a friend’s place to make use of her internet connection, because internet at home is severely limited/almost non-existent (EDIT: to remind/inform new people that I live rurally, and proper internet is apparently only for people in densely populated areas :T ). This means I’m back and forth every day, sharing the car with my boyfriend and working around his work schedule as well. I will not always have access to my files or work. When I find myself at home for an extended amount of time, I’m making use of my netbook to at least work on sketches for commissions when I’m able to. So there will likely be a lot of “in progress” commissions as a result. 

New Streaming Commissions

On every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, I’ll be open for streaming “quickies” in the evenings, into the night and perhaps wee hours of the morning. These are commission styles that I can start and finish in the same sitting, taking no more than 3 hours at the most. 

You can find the offered varieties here:

Queued Commissions

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I’ll be working on my other existing queued commissions, including fitting in backlogged commissions where I can.

Mondays are reserved for getting anything else done relevant to maintaining adult life. Whatever chores or errands have accumulated during the week will be mostly dealt with on Mondays. Business communications may be delayed or nonexistent on this day, to resume when I return to work the following day.

Backlog Plans

I’ve mentioned this in another update, but it bears repeating.

I’m rearranging the order in which I’m completing the backlog queue, starting with clearing out the quicker ones first. 

Copypasta from the first mention of it:

This will both move my backlog work load more quickly, and help me feel less overwhelmed by the sheer numbers listed on it in the long run. I’ll feel more capable of actually clearing it out, which is a huge deal for me.

I figure it’s already been so long waiting for me to have more time to work through them, that mixing up the order of the list won’t make a huge difference in terms of wait times. If anything, doing it this way will speed up my ability to get through them.

Psychologically speaking, if it helps me feel less stressed out about how much I still have left to finish on there, it’s worth trying. And so far doing it this way, I’ve been able to knock out more backlogged commissions in this way than I have in a long time. So I’m gonna go with it!


Computer is set up away from home to use the internet, travelling back and forth, car sharing, and doing the best I can to get work done both away and at home.

Streaming commissions will be on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Work on queued commissions will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Scheduled days are subject to change, but for the most part will be what I aim for.

Backlog is being worked through with the smaller ones first to clear it out faster and keep it easier on me for stress levels. 

Once again set up with internet at my friend’s place

I’m now set back up at my friend’s place with my main computer, once again borrowing her internet because she’s just too good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without her help on this internet problem. (those who may be just joining this unending drama, where I currently live is too far away for any form of real internet access, which leaves me with a huge problem as someone who’s employment relies on internet access)

I’ll be spending a few more days on existing queue’d commissions, then alternating days between working on new streaming work (will be quickish things, to be started and finished on the same day) for income, and on the rest of the commission queue. One day for queue’d commissions, one day for new streaming work, one day queue, one day streaming, so on and so forth until I’ve secured my income for the coming month of expenses, and possibly a few other things like a plane ticket to WA in the fall, the expense of my self employment taxes, and the expense of setting up the one unlimited but expensive internet option which may or may not even work very well for at home. (so, suffice it to say that I may be going at this plan for quite some time over the next month or so)

I originally intended to be away a bit longer to work on my queue, but the timing of some outside forces have pretty much made the decision for me to get back in here sooner than later. 

What this means for my work flow, like last time, is that I’ll be back and forth between home and my friend’s place, basically treating this like coming to a job away from home. It’s too much hassle to pack up my rig every night, so I’m leaving it at my friend’s place. My usable work hours will be slightly shorter on account of sharing the one car between myself and my boyfriend who works nights, but this is what’s best for me right now in terms of how I’ll best be able to conduct my work flow and still earn myself a livable income. 

I’ll announce some time next week when I know for sure when I’ll be opening up for streaming commissions :3

Update RE: live-in caregiving job - no-go

Following up to something that was mentioned here:

So I heard back from the lady (the daughter of the person who would need the care who is coordinating things for her mother), and she said that I would be just the person she would take for the job.

The only problem is that within the last few days, they’ve changed the status of her care needs, and those needs can only be handled in a nursing home. Her conditions are getting worse. Which is disheartening enough all of its own merit. She’s a really lovely lady, in her prime she created absolutely stunning dollhouses and dolls from scratch. I really wish I managed to get photos from the one time I had met her T^T

Anyway.. so yeah. That was a massive let down. I knew it was too good to be true. I shouldn’t have let myself get so excited about the possibility. I just couldn’t help it. It would have matched my nocturnal schedule, I have the caregiving experience to draw upon for the requirements, I’d have been able to do relatively easy work in exchange for rent and utilities, would have worked with a creative soul and had some common ground to connect to her with, would have had excellent internet, lived in a beautiful area with more conveniences in closer reach… it was all so close. I wish I’d never heard about it. Having that kind of opportunity dangled in front of me then yanked away was more crushing than I’d like to admit. Especially considering how much nothing else ever seems to work out right anymore. 

I’m so tired of this.